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If life is what you make it and you are what you eat, fatten your life with laughter and love. Fill your plate with glitter.​

I'm a wife, a mother, a Jesus follower, a nerd, a cowgirl, a Trekkie, a Cosplayer, a creator, a dedicated hermit and an all-around happy human. I have a degree in Fine Art (Painting and Drawing) with a concentration in Creative Writing and Poetry Composition. I've had a billion careers and lived a billion lives. It took a long time for me to find my path and an even longer time to accept it. It feels like it's taken forever to get back to simply creating.


I was made to create. I exist to create. I also exist to tell you truths:


You are not defined by the worst that's ever happened to you or the worst you've ever done. The past is behind you for a reason. The future is far richer and far brighter than you could possibly imagine. You're daughters and sons of a High King, fearfully and wonderfully made. You're precious and beautiful and made to be exactly who you are. You're good enough. God loves you. And you can overcome anything with the strength and guidance of our savior, Jesus Christ. ANYTHING. I will shout all these things to anyone who will listen up until the day I die. 


But am I good at remembering all these things, myself? No, I'm not perfect. It is STILL taking work at my age to be brave enough to share my various creations and not live in my shell. That is (and always will be) my struggle. If God is the author of Creativity and the first and foremost Artist, though - and we are made in His image - it is natural for us to create just for the love of creating. It is natural to share for the love of sharing. Freedom is of God. It is a gift - like air - that we must never take for granted. 


May you enjoy the beauty of God's creation and all of our creations through Him. And may you have JOY and the PEACE which transcends all understanding. 

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